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As a Result…

We have hundreds of reference letters on file received from satisfied clients.


You have been instrumental in assisting us in our expansion plans and we look forward to a continuing relationship...

-J.D.W.Mobile AL

Thank you for all the work you put into our successful negotiations on the five travel agencies we just purchased. You really provided the 'common sense and glue' to keep the negotiations focused on what became a 'win-win deal' for all parties. Having been a banker for over twenty years, I know the importance of having a third party to assist in the negotiations, when discussions start to bog down. You not only brought us the type of agencies that we were looking for, but you prepared them for the realism of the terms and prices that agencies are being for, in today's world! I especially appreciated all the preliminary information that you provided as it saved us a lot of time in only entering negotiations with agencies that met our acquisition profile.

-L.B.N.Miami FL

We appreciate your efforts in our recent merger of XXX and XXX. We are excited about our future and our growth opportunities. This merger would not have been possible without your contribution. Thank you for the big help you have been to XXX...we have purchased two travel agencies through your efforts. You were the catalyst I needed to find possible purchases and keep us informed. Bob Sweeney's company has created a "Market Place" for the sales and purchase of travel agencies.

-E.A.H.Austin TX

Thank you for your help regarding our two recent acquisitions. After being referred to use your services for [travel company] Buyers, I now fully realize the value you and your company bring to the process. Bob, your low key professional approach is refreshing and produces results which all of us at XXX greatly appreciate! Let's do some more deals.

-M.O.S.Washington DC

Now that the 'deal is done', I wanted to thank you for the fine work that you did in facilitating the acquisition of XXX.

-D.K. Dallas TX

We have really enjoyed working with you, appreciating your very professional approach in a field left until now in the hands of people who do not understand the travel business and the complex, often irrational forces at work in the acquisition of travel agencies. The acquisition of other travel businesses will be an important source of growth for XXX, and we really hope to retain your services for future operations.

-B.C.New York NY

We appreciate your efforts in our recent merger of XXX and XXX. We are excited about our future and our growth opportunities. This merger would not have been possible without your contribution.

-S.R.W.Norcross GA

Thanks for your help Bob. We are glad that we used your firm and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that asks. Your “targeted” approach in finding us a buyer (versus our other broker’s “shotgun” approach) really delivered results.  

-L.M.Food & Wine Trails

Doug, the buyer you put together with us was a match made in heaven. I know this can’t always be the case, but in this instance, it sure just clicked. You are so good at the job that you took most of the stress out of the process. Thank you so much!  

-S.P.Fancy-Free Holidays

This is the perfect deal for Andrew Harper. You heard my priorities and executed flawlessly. Travel Leaders Group was the perfect buyer:  Never would have gotten through this without your introduction and ongoing Counsel.  

-J.C.Andrew Harper

From the very start when I sent in my initial inquiry, your prompt and professional approach impressed me. I filled out the forms and authorized you to proceed in my behalf. Your approach continued to fill me with confidence. Your efforts to find and keep in touch with the right buyer for my $2 million "Mom & Pop" agency kept me in an optimistic and negotiating mode throughout. This resulted in turning the family business over to buyers who are keeping the staff, the name, and the philosophy of the business. It is a fine feeling for us all! No one could ask for more. I wish to stress that your efforts did not end with bringing this match to a contractual situation. You continued to assist with suggesting the necessary ARC and legal advice so essential to a satisfactory completion...

-C.W.C.Westlake OH

Thank you for all your efforts in providing potential buyers for XXX. I am happy to say that thanks to your persistence and contacts within the industry we have come to an agreement with a buyer. A real win-win! I am very excited about this acquisitions as I believe the buyer is the perfect match and is very motivated and able to offer my existing clients more services, and my employees better products to sell. I am confident that this buyer will bring XXX to levels far beyond our current capability. I appreciate all you have done for us and will be more than happy to refer you to anyone who may be looking to buy or sell.

-L.B.G.Port St. Lucie FL

Thank you and your fine staff for the professional assistance in helping me select a perfect match in the sale of my agency...the distance between New York and Atlanta was no problem, as you always seemed to be available for counseling...your vast knowledge of the travel industry was a great help, not only us, but also to the buyer, as every situation is quire different. It is a pleasure to be able to turn to a professional organization.

-H.D.J.B.New York NY

From the very beginning you were really 'tuned in', and realized that after some 38 years of running a high-quality, personalized-service, leisure agency, the right buyer was perhaps even more important than the actual dollars. Without a doubt you negotiating skills helped to increase our return.

-B.D.F.South Orange NJ

With times changing in our industry, mid-sized agencies such as ours need to carefully consider possible relationships with larger travel management companies. You presented to us just such an opportunity. Your contacts and database were certainly of great value and the entire process was pleasant, no doubt aided by your involvement.

-R.S.T.Irvine CA

Your patience and consistent follow up produced an agreement that has both the buyer and us excited.

-S.K.Boston MA

Once I decided to sell, your advice and friendly prompt service gave me all the answers to the many questions I had. Your vast industry contacts and unbiased opinion during the negotiating phase added tremendous value to my final decision. You quickly presented three qualified buyers to me. All three made attractive offers, giving me the opportunity to agree to the one that suited me best. I am very satisfied with the financial terms of the sale as well as the ongoing employment agreement.

-C.B.Cleveland OH