Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative Travel Acquisitions (ITA) staff advises on Acquisitions of Tour and Travel related companies.

Here are some questions that you might be thinking of already.


What exactly is ITA?

Innovative Travel Acquisitions, Inc. operates a confidential platform LINKING buyers and sellers of all types of travel and tour related businesses throughout the world. ITA has engineered hundreds of successful mergers and acquisitions, maintains an extensive database of travel company owners and offers professional appraisals. Our President, Bob Sweeney, founded the company in 1991 after a successful career on Wall Street.


What exactly will ITA do for me?

Our firm LINKS buyers and sellers of travel and tour related businesses throughout the world. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we have the ability and resoures to find you suitable prospects for your needs. Our consultants do this in a confidential and discreet way.After a client has signed a contract with ITA, we will do a dedicated search that includes a thorough examination of buyers and sellers within our network; our extensive database includes over 8,000 travel business owners. Due to our many years of experience in this industry, we explore all the possibilities and present the client with only interested and qualified prospects.


How will ITA maintain my agency’s anonymity as a buyer or seller?

We never release any specific information about a client until the interested party has signed a Confidentiality Agreement. Only at that time do we share any information.We will introduce ourselves on the phone as “Innovative Travel” or “ITA” when contacting the client at work and we are always available to contact the customer at home.


What if I am already speaking to an interested seller/buyer that ITA did not introduce to me. Can you still help me with the negotiations?

Absolutely. This firm conducts phone consultations providing our negotiating experience on many private transactions.


How involved will you be in my negotiations?

We set up initial contact between the buyer and the seller and are available to be as active as our client would like in negotiations. We can also refer our clients to consultants who specialize in legal, accounting, Real Estate, ARC and CRS matters.