Travel Business Buyer Trends

Current industry trends demand the need to grow or go. If your business plans call for growth, we can help. Our service opens up many doors of opportunity through our extensive database, telephone calls, trade press local advertising, the internet, as well as 20 years of deep rooted personal relationships with the owners.

We pro-actively search on your behalf in your areas of interest and present you with only realistic and motivated sellers.


Referral Services for our Buyers

Our referral services are professional appraisals, ARC applications, GDS negotiations, access to the nation’s top travel attorneys, travel agency accounting, strategic planning consulting, and personnel placement.


Join our Buyers Database

Many of our Clients request buyers have some kind of travel industry experience or currently work in the travel industry. This isn’t always a must, but is helpful in such a specialized field.

To help us help you, please fill out as much information about yourself and feel free to send us additional details such as a resume, CV and a personal bio.

Buyers Profile and Qualifications Form

  • Destinations that you are familiar with:
  • Qualifications and Scope:
  • Type of business your seeking:
  • Financial Resources:
  • We are asked how we qualify the financial capability of the buyer, though we aren’t asking for documentation or evidence at this time, do know this will be asked and be prepared to submit details accordingly.

Client References – From Our Buyers

Below are a few comments from past clients that prove the worth of our services.


Thank you for assisting us in our acquisition of XXX. Innovative Travel [Acquisitions Inc.] did an excellent job of providing financial and background material which shortened the overall length of the transaction. Your responsiveness and coordination were very much appreciated and we look forward to our next acquisition.- L.M.R., Philadelphia PA

Thank you for the big help you have been to XXX…we have purchased two travel agencies through your efforts. You were the catalyst I needed to find possible purchases and keep us informed. Bob Sweeney’s company has created a “Market Place” for the sales and purchase of travel agencies.- E.A.H., Austin TX